Facebook Marketing 101: Understanding the Pros and Cons

Published: 09th March 2010
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Facebook is doubtlessly a tremendous social network which has been able to surpass every other online network. This particular social networking site is allowing users to combine their "real" lives with their online activities, and it's the only one that does. Many different people from all walks of life gather on Facebook to share and learn. For companies that wish to find an innovative and effective way to get their products in front of a focused group of people, Facebook is a very compelling approach. For those of you who have not tapped Facebook for advertising, you need to consider doing so right now. There are a multitude of reasons, but primarily, you should know that Facebook is replete with countless, actual people with a massive range of interests that covers just about everything imaginable. These users dedicate a ton of time to Facebook while they make new friends, interact with the old ones, socialize, play games and hop on board to various interested groups. If you know anything about Facebook, then you can understand how you could be using Facebook as a venue to reach potential customers and effectively market your business with a little smart planning.

One of the most important ways to reach your new customer base is to use the Social Ads service this is actually operated by Facebook. It's really quite simple to launch your own ad campaign through Social Ads - just learn a few basics and you're set. Social Ads allows you to focus on target demographics, such as gender, age, location, interests, and more. The high level of customization offered to you affords you the opportunity to not waste time and money on annoyances like accidental clicks and window shoppers. On the contrary, your ad's click-through-rate will only increase and get you a high number of interested visitors to your site. Putting a picture on your ad will make it far more visible to your customers. Your ad will be much more trustworthy for your users, and your ads will become far more reliable and credible. Your ad copy is truly important as well. You need to be sure you have top notch text in your ad. If the words don't really say anything or increase interest there is really no point in having them. For this reason, be sure to choose your words wisely and to test different possibilities.

If your budget won't allow for advertising, you can create fan pages or groups on Facebook to help you network with other members and promote your products. If you understand how it works and you do it effectively, even the free tools offered on Facebook can yield amazing results. It seems users of Facebook are addicted to joining groups that represent what they are interested in, or possibly becoming a fan or a certain page. So in turn you should take advantage of this fact by creating a fan page or a group and urge your customers and visitors to join. You also have the opportunity of helping members to invite other members they know to your group by using a built in function that's available. But you will initially have to introduce your fan page to people through some method of advertising it, such as the Social Ads. It is possible for Facebook fan pages and groups to increase by the thousands almost overnight, but only if you have the knowhow to bring them to your site.

You should definitely check out the advertising and marketing opportunities on Facebook if you are looking for ways to get ahead of your competitors. It will do nothing but assist your company in reaching new heights. Sometimes, success takes risk. Being willing to take risks and try something new could make all the difference!

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